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  • Dois-je faire le ménage?
    Le ménage des lieux sera fait par le propriétaire avant votre arrivée et après votre départ. Aucun coût supplémentaire n’est relié à ces opérations.
  • How will the payment be made?
    A deposit will be payable upon booking. This amount is 30%. It is payable by credit card Visa or Master Card directly on our website by Paypal or by calling Tel: +33 (0) 6 62 01 76 45 (mobile French). The balance of the amount will generally be payable in euros when taking possession of the premises. The options for making this outstanding amount will be mentioned in your rental agreement.
  • Dois-je ajouter d’autres montants à ceux annoncés?
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  • Que se passe-t-il en cas d’annulation?
    Annulation 30 jours avant l'arrivée: remboursement de 50% Annulation à partir du 30ème jour avant l'arrivée ou l'arrivée: non remboursable
  • Comment pourrais-je prendre possession des lieux?
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  • What is the best way to go to the CASA estrelita ?
    30 km from Faro airport in southern of Portugal. After we invite you to rent a car and go to the casa Estrelita MONTE AGUDO - Cx.P.491 A 8800-509 SANTO ESTEVAO TAVIRA
  • How book the room ?
    You can contact us by email or by phone to make a specific request; Tel: +33 (0) 6 62 01 76 45 (French mobile) You can do the search for yourself using the search tool on our site. Booking now You will then have to provide us with the details of your arrival and you have to pay the booking deposit by credit card; the remaining amount will be paid on the day of your arrival on the premises to the person who will welcome you to give you the keys. Will be indicated on the contract the various options to make the payment on the arrival.
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