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Article 1 - Duration of the stay: The customer reserving a room or renting the house for a fixed term will not be able to no circumstance to invoke any right to maintain the premises

Article 2 - Conclusion of the contract: The reservation becomes effective when the tenant has sent to the owner a deposit of 50% of the total amount of the price of the stay. Prices are inclusive of all charges.

Article 3 - Cancellation by the customer: Any cancellation can be served by telephone but must be confirmed by letter or email addressed to the owner.

a) Cancellation before the beginning of the stay: The deposit remains with the owner who reserves the right to claim the balance of the price of the accommodation according to the date of cancellation.

If cancellation occurs more than 20 days before arrival (-30):
40% of the stay is due;

If cancellation occurs more than 10 days before arrival (-20):

50% of the stay is due;

If cancellation occurs more than 2 days before arrival (- of 10):

80% of the stay is due;

Eve or day of arrival: 100%;


b) If the tenant does not appear before 20 hours the day of the beginning of the stay, this contract becomes void and the owner can have his bed and breakfast. The deposit remains with the owner who reserves the right to claim the balance of the price of accommodation.

c) In case of shortened stay, the price corresponding to the cost of the accommodation remains fully acquired to the owner. Additional services not consumed will be refunded.

Article 4 - Cancellation by the owner: When before the beginning of the stay, the owner cancels this stay, he must inform the tenant by phone or email at least 8 days before the date of the beginning of the stay.

The customer without prejudging recourse for compensation for any damage suffered, will be refunded sums paid within 8 days. No compensation will be collected by the tenant in any capacity whatsoever.

Article 5 - Arrival: The client must appear on the specified day and at the time mentioned (between 14h and 20h). In case of late or delayed arrival, the tenant must notify the owner.

Article 6 - Payment of the balance: The balance of the stay will be paid before arrival. Consumption and additional services will be paid locally. Breakfasts are included in the selling price. The fact of not having breakfast does not allow to ask a reduction on the price of the room.

Article 8 - Use of the premises: The client must respect the peaceful character of the premises and use them according to their destination. He is committed to make the rooms in good condition and not to consume food in them. The common areas, living room and dining room are made available free of charge to the customer, he undertakes to make a use consistent with their destination. The entire house, rooms included are non-smoking. The outdoor areas have ashtrays.


Article 9 - The swimming pool: It is not heated To avoid accidents to children, and in order to allow a pleasant use for all, guests are required to respect the rules of the pool: - The fact of using the pool commits the user to have accepted this regulation. - The swimming pool is accessible from 9h to 20h. It is forbidden to bathe at night. - As the pool is a family pool, its use is strictly reserved for family members and guests staying in bed and breakfast.

- The owners remind the lack of monitoring of the pool. - Any child under 10 years old, not accompanied by a major parent present during swimming, is not allowed to use the pool and its surroundings. The use of the pool by children is the sole responsibility of their parents. - The pool area is a place of tranquility and relaxation, it is strictly forbidden to run by the pool, dive, heckle. Bulky inflatable objects, such as boats, are not allowed.

In addition, users commit to: - use a jersey reserved for bathing purposes only - take a shower before bathing and avoid bathing after using a cream or sun oil. A solar shower is available to guests near the pool. - use only pool towels available in the rooms and reserved for this purpose.

Article 10 - Capacity: The renting of the rooms is established for a precise number of persons, children and baby included. If the number of clients exceeds this number, the owner is able to deny additional customers. This refusal can in no way be considered as a modification or a break of the rental on the initiative of the owner, so that in case of departure of a number of customers higher than those refused, no refund can be considered .

Article 11 - Pets: For their tranquility and the comfort of guests, pets are not allowed at Casa Estrelita. In case of non-compliance with this clause by the customer, the owner may refuse the animals.


Article 12 - Litigation: Any claim relating to the rental and stay must be submitted to the owner by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt within 3 days of the end of the stay to find a possible settlement of the dispute amicably.

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